10Qs with Lindsey Robertson
Interview by Bama, Jeff Halleran and Thorpe
Photos by Shigeo
How many pairs of glasses have you gone through in your professional career?
In 15 years of skating I've had three pairs. I focused one.
Will you ever get contact lenses?
No. But DC told me they have a doctor in Utah that will give anybody on DC free Lasik surgery. I'm like, "Nah man. That shit's crazy."
Who's your favorite four-eyed skater out there ripping today?
Damn that's an easy one: Marisa.
If skateboarding were in the Olympics, would you want to go?
That's a hard question to answer right now in my life. I don't know how I'm really feeling about the Olympics right now. I think it's tight, but I don't think skateboarding should be in the Olympics. Shits too street.
Who are some of the best skaters of all time to come out of Florida?
Clyde Singleton, Neal Mims, Joel Meinholz, Elissa Steamer, and Paul Zitzer. Those are my favorites anyhow.
If you could only listen to three records for the rest of your life, which three would they be and why?
1. Trick Daddy Thug Holiday -'Bout mine. 2. Any Bob Marley record. - Hidden secrets in his songs and life passages. 3. Led Zeppelin / Box Set - Cuz that's what Pop Dukes grew up listening to.
You ever going to bust out the rasta colored grip again like when you jumped off the vert ramp deck at Tampa?
Um. Yeah I'm bringing back the rasta griptape,... and the dreadlocks. 2012! What up Adelmo Jr! I just saw him the other day and that dude's mad tight.
If you could grill up one thing off the endangered species list, what would it be?
Are mountain lions on the endangered species list? I'm gonna go with a Mountain Lion cuz they're fierce.
Was it tight being on MTV for Rob's Fantasy Factory and did you get a extra fat photo incentive check that month?
That shit was cool, but it was just kinda random. No photo incentive; nothing but the Dusty Monkey. It's what I won for getting last place in the MTV Dyrdek contest thing skating against the 5 best skateboarders in the world. It's a huge life size ape. You plug it into the wall and it moves. I keep it on my doorstep.
What's the technique for busting a proper back heel?
Step1: G Ass Mystery board. Step 2: DC Colin McKay's. Step 3: Pop then close your eyes.  That's pretty much what happens. Good board, good shoes, pop, then you're rolling away...
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