10Qs with Ryan Bobier
Interview by Jeff Halleran
Photos by Bart Jones & Shigeo
What's your golf score like right now? When's the best tee time?
My scores have been pretty high lately...I haven't been playing that much. I like playing golf early in the morning so I finish when everyone else is just waking up and I have the rest of the day to go skate.
Which character from 'Caddy Shack' would you wanna kick it with?
Ty Webb.
Who were some pros you went out skating with when you were a little dude?
The first pro that I ever went out skating with was Alfonso Rawls.
How's Leroy doing? What kind of dog is he? Who watches him when you go on trips?
Leroy is doing well. He is a french bulldog. Normally either my girlfriend or my dad watches him when I'm out of town.
What's your shoe sponsor situation like?
I don't have a shoe sponsor at the moment.
What's the best kind of hat, snapback, fitted, beanie, something else?
I'm down for snapbacks.
What video's got you pumped right now?
The new Transworld video (Hallelujah) was really good, and Wes Kremer's DC part was amazing.
Do you have any environmental pet peeves on sessions? If it's windy outside is it a no-go?
Living in Southern California there aren't too many environmental problems to deal with. Wind can be annoying sometimes.
Do you correct kids when they mispronounce your last name or let it slide?
No I don't really care how people pronounce it. I don't know if I pronounce it right.
What's a good skate story from a recent Mystery mission to end this 10Q's?
On our last trip to AZ we recorded some of Jimmy's freestyle raps over some instrumentals. For those who don't already know, Jimmy Carlin is a very talented rapper. His sound is kinda like a mix between Lil Wayne and Jesus. Look for them on the Black Box site soon.
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