10Qs with Windsor James
Interview by Jeff Halleran, Lee Dupont and Tony Tave
Photos by J-HON & Shigeo
Where'd the name Windsor come from?
I have no clue. My dad's name is Windsor so that's where my name came from. I think it comes from England or some shit.
Are there any other famous Windsor's in the world that you know of?
Nah, besides those ones from England. There is like some family of Windsors, but their last name's Windsor. They've got like castles and shit.
What's good with Mystery right now? Are you guys working on a video? If so, are we going to see a full Windsor James part?
Yeah. We're working on one. Comes out in October. They'll be a full Windsor part in there for sure. Most def.
If Mystery made a Windsor James accessories kit, what would be in it?
A double-sided brush. An iron I guess, might as well. Some starch, some wax, a tool, and band aids for your griptape thumb. Been getting that griptape thumb lately and it hurts. And maybe an extra pair of socks.
Where did the FUBU jeans and hair pick go?
Ah. They left a while ago man. They got old. Actually they never left. I need to bring them back but I started skating around Angel, Ernie, and all those guys so you end up slimming down and wearing all black.
What videos get you sparked to skate right now?
Zero video and baby Jamie's video part, Frecks' part in $lave, and Appleyards part in Flip.
What are the difficulties in trying to wrangle up girls in San Clemente being a man of color?
Sucks. Dammit. Every girl in here is like Orange County so it's like I'm usually the only black dude around. So it's a little weird.
Have you ever caught a case of cat scratch fever from going on a late night cougar hunt?
No. I've been on the cougar hunt though at the Salt Creek Grill. We talked to some cougars, they were down.
Ten years from now, what do you want to look back on and be proud of?
All the places I traveled.
How'd you end up getting in a fender bender in Dennis' car while he was in OZ?
Frecks ran into it. I didn't even fender bender it. He hit and ran me.
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