Thrasher Burnout with Carlin brothers & Garret Hill
Check out Thrasher's Burnout with the Carlin brothers and Garret Hill. Peep the session here.
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Hall Of Meat: David Reyes

Kinks are an unpredictable lot. Get caught leaning forward and you might get pitched. David saves his face with his wrist. Continue reading

The Berrics: This Is Halloween

The Berrics comes through with this awesome Halloween edit featuring Chris Cole, David Reyes, Garrett Hill and much more! Watch now on Continue reading

Thrasher – ‘STONE COLDEN’

Trevor Colden gets taken to the gnarliest spots around and gets a clip or two (or three) every single time. How else are you going to have a part this insane? Continue reading

“Stone Colden” Teaser

Trevor Colden’s new full part is coming to Thrasher this Thursday 6/20 and based on the trailer its going to be insane. Click through to watch Trevor's Teaser! Continue reading